Monday, July 21, 2008

The Princess of Hannover

According to several German newspapers, Princess Caroline, the wife of Prince Ernst August of Hannover, must testify as a witness in the case against her husband.
Prince Ernst August has been charged with assault during an incident in Kenya. Caroline was to have testified in secret in May, but postponed her appearance because the media found out where she was to have appeared before the judge.

The former Princess Caroline of Monaco is the eldest child of the late Prince Rainier III of Monaco and his American-born wife, Grace Kelly. She is the heiress presumptive to to the Monagesque throne as her brother, Albert II, has no legitimate heirs.

Prince Ernst August is the head of the house of Hannover. If Britain had salic law, he would now be the king of the UK - and he probably would not be married to Caroline, who is Roman Catholic.
In 1837, when William IV died, the British throne was inherited by his niece, Queen Victoria. But because Hannover was males only, that throne passed to William IV's brother, Ernest Augustus, Duke of Cumberland. The new King Ernst August of Hannover remained as first in line to the British throne until November 1840 when Victoria gave birth to her first child, Princess Victoria.

Ernst August has two sons, Ernst August and Christian, by his first wife, Chantal Hochuli, and a daughter, Alexandra, by Caroline.


glamah16 said...

The Grimaldis have been very quiet lately. The NY Post ran a "blind item" about her last week that I wont even get into. Havent heard much more from it.

Marlene Koenig said...

what was the blind item?

cabri said...


as a wife she does not have to testify. It seems she wants to do so in order to help her husband. Strange it is said that the first time she did not come due to security risks.... well? I rather think she changed her mind now. But as in order as a wife she does not have to testify... certain persons clsoe to the accused can but can not be force do so.

glamah16 said...

They asked what glamorous European princess years ago had breast cancer and lost her hair to chemo. She blamed it on alopecia and stress.
It was obvious that it was her they were referring to. Not another peep about it. If Ifind the link I will send it to you.

glamah16 said...

Marlene Koenig said...

Interesting --Caroline was very public about her illness, actually. I have to go back and look at the clips from the time to see if there were any suggestions that she had breast cancer.

Marlene Koenig said...

thanks for the link ... I may turn this into a little article!