Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lunch Guests

On July 25, 1913, King George V, Queen Mary and Princess Mary went to Marlborough House to have lunch with Queen Alexandra and Empress Marie of Russia -- Alix's sister, Dagmar. Afterwards, the king and queen went to visit Prince and Princess Louis of Battenberg at Mall House, Spring Gardens.


Kelly C. said...

I just wanted to stop by and say how much I'm enjoying your new blog! I'm a longtime "lurker" of the royal boards (just graduated law school and am studying for the bar so I don't have much time to post) and have always enjoyed your informative posts so I had to check out the new blog. The topics are great and in the past days I've already learned a few very interesting things. Keep up the great work!

Marlene Koenig said...

thank you for your kind remarks.

Anonymous said...


Now that we are able to post comments, I just wanted to wish you luck with your new blog. I enjoy your royal musings and the updates on your cats.

Best wishes,

Mary (mel)

Marlene Koenig said...

I finally realized that I could moderate the comments so reject any that were nasty ... everything is go well so far