Saturday, July 19, 2008

If you keep it in your closet ...

It is probably true to say that what goes out of fashion eventually comes back into fashion -- or in the case of the Princess Royal, she opened her closest and pulled out a dress that she may not have worn in 27 years. Haven't seen that in awhile, she may have muttered! Still have the hat, too. Different shoes, though.

This is not the first time that Princess Anne has wandered into her closet and pulled out something old ... she didn't buy a new dress for her second marriage, and she has been photographed wearing a dress that she wore 25 years earlier.
The dress and hat that Anne wore to today's wedding was first worn on July 29, 1981, when she attended the wedding of her brother, the Prince of Wales, to the Lady Diana Spencer!
What is even more amazing than Anne's general thriftiness is the fact that after 27 years, she can still fit into the dress!

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