Monday, July 7, 2008

The cats want to say Hi!

Cannot have a blog without the cats saying hi as they know they are royal. Buddy is 12-years-old - a domestic shorthair. Adopted as a kitten (he was thrown from a car in front of us). Edison is about 11-years-old. My late husband and I rescued him from a storm drain at Edison High School. Edison had ear mites, fleas and ringworm. He was also severely underweight. He's not now. He's a big boy. Ella Louise is a diva. A mini-Maine Coon, found wandering near Andrews Air Force Base. (I got her from a rescue agency that showed cats at the local Petsmart). She is between 9 and 11 years old. A real beauty. But a diva. And then there is the baby Sienna. She's two. Part Siamese. Born in a trailer park. Really. She and her siblings were found by a local rescue group - no mom. I figured mom was the Siamese, down on her luck, and pushed her babies out to be saved, to have a home. I was not planning to adopt a fourth cat, but in early December 2006, I walked past the cat display at Petsmart and this little paw reaches out to pat me ... oh dear. Suffice to say, I asked to hold the little one ... and that was it. Where can I fill out the papers. Sienna's full name is Sienna Rose, and she is a sweetie ... and she adores her siblings, even Ella, who smacks her silly at times. She loves Edison best, and the two can be found snuggling together. Big bro protecting little sis.

Top to bottom: Ella; Sienna and Edison; Buddy; Sienna

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