Friday, July 11, 2008

Bourbon Parma postcard

Here is another interesting card from my collection - Rene and Margrethe of Bourbon-Parma (she was born a Princess of Denmark) with two of their children, Prince Jacques and Princess Anne, who in 1948 married King Michael of Roumania. The postcard was published in Denmark. The two ladies are wearing coats for an inside photograph.


John said...

Was Princess Anne invited to Princess Elizabeth and The DOE's actual wedding service and breakfast in London? In your book you mention that's when King Michael met her, but I wasn't sure if that meant she attended, or if it was he who attended (which makes sense) and he met her at some other event. I didn't think The Windsor's and the B-P's had any sort of close connection.

Great blog! I'm enjoying it so much, and it's now on my 'Favorites' list in Internet Explorer.

Marlene Koenig said...

Hi John, Thanks for your comment. Anne was not invited to the wedding. Queen Helen had Anne in mind as a bride for Michael for several years. Anne's mother was born a Princess of Denmark, and was Helen's cousin. The Bourbon-Parmas were invited to Romania about a year before but the trip had to be canceled due to the political situation there. Margrethe and Rene were invited to the wedding, and Margrethe suggested that Anne come to London as well. It was at a party hosted by Anne's cousin, Hereditary Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg, that Anne and Michael were introduced. The next issue of European History Journal will have an article about the wedding. I was invited to the 60th wedding celebrations in Bucharest but could not attend.
Anne also writes in her memoirs about how she and Michael met.