Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Alexandra Iosifovna's funeral

Nicholas II was in Finland on vacation when he learned of the death of Grand Duchess Alexandra Iosifovna. The widow of Grand Duke Constantine Nicolaievitch, Alexandra died on July 6, 1911 at St. Peterburg, and her funeral was held six days later. The Emperor arrived on board his yacht, the Standard, but he was not accompanied by his wife, Alexandra, who was said to be in poor health. A launch was ready to take the Tsar up the Neva to the Marble Palace where a brief requiem was held for the late Grand Duchess. Nicholas and several Grand Dukes carried the coffin on their shoulders and then placed the coffin on the hearse, which made its to the Fortress of St Peter and St Paul. Members of the Imperial family followed on foot. Numerous spectators and troops lined the route. Pine twigs, a symbol of resurrection, were tossed into the street.
Members of the Russian court, the Church and the government were inside the Fortress for the funeral service. A final service for internment was held on July 13.
Alexandra's eldest son, Grand Duke Nicholas Constantovitch, banished to a remote part of Russia, had been denied permission to attend his mother's funeral


Ninni said...

Such an interesting anecdote - thank you.

I'm from Finland and so it is fascinating when one gets these reminders.. of the Grand Duchy era!

My church, by the way, is the very same church visited by Alexander III and his wife. One icon there is dedicated to the patron saint of Marie Feodorovna, Saint Mary of Magdalen, if I am correct.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

You are very welcome