Monday, July 21, 2008

Aimone and Olga

Are they? Or aren't they? That is the question? Will they continue to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous speculation? They are not the most public of couples -- and they have been engaged for three years now. Prince Aimone of Savoy-Aosta, Duke of Apulia, and Princess Olga of Greece have been together for three years now. But there has been no movement toward arranging a wedding. Aimone, 40, and Olga, 35, have lived together in Russia, where Aimone works. Late last year, they attended the baptism of one of Aimone's relatives. I was sent photographs from this event but due to copyright restrictions (and family privacy), I cannot publish the photos. I can say, however, that Aimone and Olga came to the celebrations, as a couple.
Yes, Olga's biological clock is ticking away but perhaps she and Aimone are happy with the status-quo. Why do they need to marry? Is it perhaps because Aimone is the last male in line to the former Italian throne, as well as the only heir to the Aosta title? Is it because their marriage would be seen by royal watchers as a true dynastic alliance. Princess Olga is the younger daugher of Prince Michael of Greece (who ceased to be a Greek dynast when he married Marina Karella in 1965. ) Aimone's cousin, Emamuele Filiberto, is married to a French actress, and they have two daughters. (Princess Clotilde is young enough to have another child.)
Perhaps -- and this is speculation on my part -- Aimone and Olga have no real interest in a "dynastic marriage." There is no throne to inherit.
The Duke of Aosta, who now considers himself as head of the Italian royal family, would certainly announce an end to the engagement on his official website. Perhaps they are happy to live together!


Cabri said...

Well said... if they happy not married that is all that counts.

Thanks for clarifying this here.

Marlene Koenig said...

You are very welcome ...