Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Maria de las Mercedes Zornoza y Ponce de Léon (1942-2020)

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Doña Maria de las Mercedes Zornoza y Ponce de Léon,  the first wife of Prince Jorge (George) Bagration (1944-2008) died  on March 17 at her sister-in-law's house in Villafrano Castillo in Madrid.    She was 77 years old.

Doña Maria de las Mercedes had been talking with her only daughter, Princess Maria, who lives in Barcelona, about what to watch on television due to the COVID-19 quarantine.  Princess Maria told Vanity Fair that her mother's favorite show was Mad Men.

Because of the pandemic, Maria de las Mercedes's children were unable to attend her funeral.   Prince Irakly is in Athens and Prince David, the youngest child, who some see as the heir to Georgian throne, lives in Tiblisi, Georgia.

Princess Maria said:  "I could not believe it.  I had just spoken to her.  She was perfectly fine and apparently had no problem."

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Prince Jorge, who died in 2008, met his first wife at school in Madrid.  Their friendship blossomed in love and they were married at Nice in an Orthodox ceremony on March 11, 1968.

The bride  "dazzled"  by wearing a Cristóbal Balenciaga- designed gown.    Princess Maria said: "My mother was very quirky and fun.  She loved music."

Maria de las Mercedes supported her husband's desire to return to Georgia, which he did in the 1990s, two decades after their marriage ended in divorce.

The princess added that her mother loved to travel and one of her "most exciting trips" was to Georgia in 2009 to attend the wedding of her son Prince David.

The princess and her two brothers look forward to getting together as "we want to have a mass and say our last goodbye."

Maria de las Mercedes is survived by her three children, HRH Princess Maria Antonieta, HRH Prince Irakaly, and HRH Prince David and two grandsons, Jaime Gaixas Bagration and HRH Prince Giorgi Bagration Bagrationi, the only child of Prince David and his former wife, Princess Anna Bagrations-Gruzinsky


Unknown said...

Hello Marlene,

How is it Prince David is the heir and not his older brother ?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

His older brother renounced his rights