Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Grand Duke Wladimir works factory

March 13, 1939

Grand Duke Wladimir, the 22-year-old head of the Russian imperial house, is now in England. where he is working under an assumed name in a Diesel motor factory in England, reports the New York Times,

Wladimir, a great-grandson of Queen Victoria on his mother's side, states in a letter:  "All Russian youths in exile should try to extend their knowledge and experience to the fullest possible limit, for Russia will need our practical experience.  That is why I am going to work myself.  I want to know both the practical and social side of factory life and to be subject to discipline.

"I shall, however, continue my political work, and all affairs must be addressed to my chancellery as usual."

Wladimir succeeded as head of the Imperial House following the death of his father, Grand Duke Kirill, on October 12, 1938.  His mother, Grand Duchess Victoria, was a granddaughter of Queen Victoria.  She died in March 1936.

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