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Carol will give up the throne

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March 29, 1929

Dowager Queen Marie of Romania returned to Bucharest from Spain today and informed the Government that her eldest son, Crown Prince Carol, "fully recognizes his situation and the futility of any attempt to return to Roumania or to regain the throne," reports the Associated Press.

Marie had had spent two days in France with Carol.  He made a pledge to his mother that he "would do not nothing to embarrass her or the regency by unseating his young son Michael as king."

All of Roumania's political leaders had approved of Marie's meeting with her son.   Her "principal object" was to obtain Carol's promise that he would not take park in the "political and dynastic affairs" of the country."  He was also persuaded to accept a "more conventional life for the sake of his family."

The Roumanian government denied reports that Prince Stirbey and Mihail Manoilescu had traveled to Paris to arrange for Carol's return to Bucharest.

In a stern statement released earlier today, one government said: "Please make it clear once and for all that neither in the capacity as crown prince nor as a private citizen can Carol return to to Roumania.  When the disinherited Prince signed the law of renunciation to the throne in 1927, he pledged himself solemnly to remain out of the country for at least ten years.  That law is fixed and final and cannot be changed even by parliament.

"Nether can the law creating the regency and establishing Michael as king be altered so as to allow Carol's return.  The law is an integral part of the existing constitution and is unalterable.  Only a revolution could upset it.

"You may be sure that while Premier Maniu is in power, the prince will never be allowed to set foot on Roumanian soil."

Carol who is now back in Paris refused to "discuss reports" that Prince Stirbey and Mihail Manoilescu were coming to Paris to "escort him back" to Roumania as king.

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