Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Actress who loved grandson of Franz Josef ends life

March 13, 1929

Helen Resch, a "brilliant young actress," committed suicide with her mother today in their "dingy apartment" in Vienna.  In Miss Rench's arms was the body of her infant son, Franz Josef Rench, reports the New York Times.

The actress was 20 years old.  In her final note, she wrote: "Bury me with the photographs of my two greatest treasures, my lover, Ernst, and my baby son, Franz Josef."

The young woman's mother, Anna, was 58 years old

Miss Rench had recently starred in Roses in Florida, an Americanized Viennese operetta.

Prince Ernst Weriand Maria Otto Antonius Expeditus Anselmus is a "handsome youth of 24, who is the second son of Prince Otto of Windisch-Graetz and his estranged wife, Archduchess Elisabeth of Austria, only child of the late Crown Prince Rudolf, and the granddaughter of Emperor Franz Josef.

Local newspapers have hinted that the prince failed to reciprocate Miss Rench's love.  One Austrian newspaper reported that the prince gave Miss Resch 156 shillings per month.

 The triple tragedy has "stirred all of Vienna," as the young actress was very popular.

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