Wednesday, November 28, 2018

A message from Harper & Sienna - Holiday shopping

Sienna thinks inside the box

Harper wants a few words with you

Dear Mommy's readers,

It is Holiday shopping time and we know many of our mom's readers use and to purchase books and just about everything else under the sun .. yes, even cat food and cat toys!!!

You can purchase from Amazon even when we are sleeping  ... which is most of each day .. and yes, we know we are cute 
Our mom does not earn money from Royal Musings and Royal Book News apart from a few pennies each month with Adsense (when you click on the ads -- and it takes a lot of clicks to earn the few pennies._ She likes to do the blogs because it  is a great way  to reach people interested in royal history, past and present. 

Mom also uses Amazon links  books (on royalty, of course) and the Amazon search boxes.

There are three Amazon search boxes (US, UK and German) on the right side of both blogs.  If you enter your first Amazon search through one of these boxes, Mommy earns a teeny percentage for each item you purchase ... and it is a teeny tiny percentage.  It takes a long time to earn an Amazon gift card.'s threshold is £25.00 -- it has been three years since Mom got her last UK gift card because it takes a long time to reach the threshold.

Harper says it is really easy to use the links and boxes

There are no extra costs to you when you make purchases from links or through search boxes.

Sienna knows you like Amazon

You can use Amazon on a computer or your phone or your tablet

Our Mom loves Amazon gift cards so she can get more books.

But you cannot get this cat bed on Amazon.  Sorry. Mommy bought it Buckingham Palace some years ago.

The holidays are all about love

Thank you so much,

Sienna and Harper

PS   You can shop all year round with Amazon.


BlueSaphire70 said...

As I understand it, you can get a small percentage of whatever we buy through Amazon, regardless of whether it's a book or not, as long as we go to Amazon through your link. Is that correct?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

That would be a very small percentage as long as you click on a link (a book advert) or use the Amazon search box on the right ... thanks

Unknown said...

I so love yr kittens, they are so very precious and adorable. Thank you for sharing them with us.........Sherry