Friday, January 12, 2018

Romanian Royal family to move out of Elisabeta Palace

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Margareta, Crown Custodian, and her husband, Prince Radu, will leave the Elisabeta Palace in Bucharest on February 5.  The lease between King Michael and the Romanian government expired when he died on December 5.  The agreement allowed for his family to remain in the home for sixty days.

The Royal House has released a statement regarding the use of the Elisabeta Palace.

"No offer from RA-APPS was received at Her Majesty's House to rent the Elisabeta Palace. They have not begun talks between Her Majesty the Crown Custodian's House and RA-APPS on this subject. After February 5, 2018, Her Majesty Margareta, Crown Custodian, will act in accordance with the law in force. Her Majesty hopes that the partnership with the state institutions will continue so that the activities of the Royal Family in support of Romania's fundamental interests will take place in the future, as it has been for 20 years. Her Majesty Margareta, the Crown Custodians, reaffirms her commitment to carry on the commitment of her father, King Michael, to the Crown and to the nation, now and in the future."

RA-APPS is the government department in charge of the lease.  I used Google to translate the statement as the Royal House has not (yet) released an English translation.

On Thursday, the Romanian government offered a  "negative opinion on the draft law" that would continue the status of the royal house.  Among other things, the bill would extend the lease to the Royal family for 49 years.

The Romanian government's view is a "consultant one."  It is the Romanian Parliament that will decide on the matter.   Prime Minister Mihai Tudose said that the Royal house was willing to pay "any rent," but asked for a grace period of one year.  "Meaning, we (the Royal House) stay here for free for one year and then we will see.  This doesn't work!  The Justice Ministry has given a negative opinion on this using the unconstitutional criterion."

I understand that they reclaimed everything on which they claimed ownership. They came with the list, it was a negotiation back then and they received them. Have you taken Peles, Savarsin? I don't know them all, with some groves, forests, some domains. Are we still reclaiming? We had an epiphany, we remembered owning a train station? All right, do the papers, we'll see - if you owned it or not?," Tudose also said.

Margareta's office did not state where the royal family would live after February.  It is possible that they could rent another home in Bucharest.  Savarsin, which King Michael purchased in the mid-1940s, is in Arad county, about seven hours by car from Bucharest.  The High Court of Cessation and Justice returned the estate in 2000 to the King.  Peles and Pelesor, both of which were built privately by King Carol I, who left the estate to his nephew and successor, King Ferdinand.  Before Ferdinand died in 1927, he changed his will and left the Sinaia estate to his grandson, Michael, bypassing Michael's father, Carol.

The Elisabeta Palace, after years of disuse, became the official home of King Michael and his family in 2001.

3 comments: said...

Lucky there are other properties, otherwise, Crown princess Margarita will be on the street begging it seems !

Kalnel said...

I'm curious about the use of "Her Majesty" for Margareta. Is there a precedent for a "custodian" taking that style?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

The 2007 family law states that the successor is king or queen with the style of Majesty. She is the queen, but not using the title queen ... but the Majesty