Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Nicholas and Alina will marry in Romania

Nicholas de Roumanie Medforth-Mills and Alina-Maria Binder will have their religious ceremony in Romania in the next few months. 

The couple became engaged last summer during holiday and were married in a civil ceremony not long afterward. 

The religious wedding was confirmed by a priest who spoke for sometime time Nicholas.  The priest advised the couple to marry as "soon as possible.  God's Blessing on them.  He will marry a wonderful girl."

The priest also confirmed that the religious wedding will take place in Romania.

According to Stirle Kanal D,  King Michael gave his consent to the marriage last year.

Nicholas Medforth Mills will not be making any public statements during the three months of mourning after King Michael's death.   His lawyer, Radu Enache, said that Nicholas is following the the Royal House regarding not making public appearances  for three months.


readsmil said...

He is really pulling out all the stops to be in the Crown Custodian's good graces again.
I wonder if he can get back there.
Sammy Rusk

jack.smith said...

I very hope they'll marry on 10th June, honoring the legacy of Nicholas' grandparents & commemorating - by such a unique way - they would have been 70th wedding anniversary!!!