Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Nicholas Medforth-Mills rebuffed in attempt to see his grandfather.

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Nicholas Medforth-Mills traveled to Aubonne, Switzerland, on Tuesday in an attempt to see his critically ill grandfather, King Michael of Romania.   Nicholas, the son of the King's second daughter, Princess Helen, allegedly attempted to enter King Michael's home, where he allegedly forced open the door, and assaulted three people, including Royal House staff.

According to a spokesman for the Royal House,  Nicholas, 32. who had been stripped of his royal title and succession rights in August 2015, allegedly forced open the door of the house.  News reports state that he "physically and verbally assaulted" three people, and one suffered several injuries.

In a statement to the media,  the spokesman said: "His Majesty has made it clear for several months that he refuses to see his grandson, and this has been told to Mr. Medforth-Mills repeatedly."

An hour before the incident, the 96-year-old King, who suffers from chronic leukemia, received religious leaders and was given the sacrament of Holy Communion.

The Royal House has filed a complaint with the Swiss police.

Mr. Medforth-Mills responded with his own statement:

"I'm deeply saddened and do not understand the aggression of CR to do my best to prevent me from seeing my grandfather and discredit my image. I will not go into this dirty game. I will choose to respect my grandfather in these difficult moments because that's right and so is Christian.  I come as the grandson of the King and I just want to see him. If it's the last time I get here if he is in a better condition, then I'd like to see it. If it is not, then I want to say goodbye to him for the last time.  "

Romanian historian Dan Falcan says the Royal House's decision to forbid Nicholas to see the king is "incomprehensible."

The first link is the statement from the Royal House.


Matthew Plooster said...

This is unfortunate on a couple levels. Should Nicholas have acted as he had? No, absolutely not. However, for a monarchy revitalizing its presence and purpose, it seems rather petty that the royal household would release a statement as pointedly defamatory to the king's grandson. While it appears they were trying to make Nicholas look bad, it's not reflecting well on the royal house. Mirroring this to other monarchies, any details released, if at all, would have been much more discreet, diplomatic, and respectable.

That being said, I am very sorry for the distress that Nicholas's actions have caused, both to the nurses and staff and to the king.

Candace Hinchey said...

A very sad situation. I agree with Matthew above that of course violence should not have happened. It's a very emotional time for everyone and to deny Nicholas an opportunity to say goodbye to his grandfather - even if said grandfather has denied him entry - is something everyone will regret in the future. Hard to imagine what grievous unforgivable "sin" Nicholas may have committed that in his final hours, His Majesty would not allow a brief visit.

MAXny said...

What's CR? said...

Very surprised to read this story, particularly someone so close in the family. At the end of the day, Nick will eventually succeed as the heir to the Throne of Romania even if the King likes it or not. Sad times and hopefully the family come to a resolution soon.

Lisa said...

What could Nicholas have done that is SO bad that even on his grandfather's deathbed he is not permitted to say farewell.
There was mention of the King receiving religious leaders- was there no talk of closure, making ammends etc..?
It sounds like someone is our to get Nicholas and defame him in every way.
Yet whoever it is. They are the ones looking bad.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

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