Sunday, November 19, 2017

King Michael: update on condition

October 2011  photo by Marlene A. Eilers Koenig

In the days since the Nov. 6 communiqué, King Michael's general state did not get worse, the vital signs of His Majesty being on a constant platform. Doctor continue to give the King a medication to ease sleep and breathing.

However, His Majesty continues to be in a worrying state of health. The steep decline in physical capacity and communication capacity, as well as the impossibility to move without help, remained at the same level.

King Michael is cared for at his home with exceptional competence and with great care by a large medical team. Doctors evaluate the status of His Majesty on a daily basis.

The doctors have reported that, in the current state of His Majesty, the Princess Margarita may return to Romania for the time being to resume her public activities.

Doctors consider it too risky to move King Michael from the private home to the hospital. They are unanimous in recommending that the treatment administered to His Majesty should now focus on preventing suffering and preserving the physical and psychological comfort of the Sovereign.

His Most Holy Metropolitan Joseph of Western Europe was at the residence of Switzerland on several occasions and gave our King our share. His representatives also frequently travels to the royal residence.

Apart from the Crown Princess  and Prince Radu ,  presence at the private residence in Switzerland will continue to be limited only to the daughters of His Majesty and Metropolitan Joseph (or his envoy).

The staff of His Majesty's House will continue, with dedication and enlightenment, the mission to King Michael I.

Elisabeth Palace, November 19, 2017


Unknown said...

It says his daughters may visit but I bet Irina would not be allowed to visit either!

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

This would not be correct. Irina is in daily contact with her family regarding her father, and has spoken to him during the past year.