Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Grace welcomed to Monaco

April 12, 1956

Grace Kelly was welcomed into Monaco today, reports the Associated Press.  It was a "jubilant spectacle" of booming cannons, rockets soaring, and flowers "showered from the sky," as Miss Kelly, the American film star, joined her fiance, Prince Rainier III of Monaco and made her "gala entry into his domain."

Miss Kelly, 24, will marry 32-year-old Prince Rainier next week.

She traveled from New York to Monaco with family and friends, aboard the SS Constitution, now anchored outside Monaco's harbor.  Prince Rainer "sailed his trim yacht alongside" the ship and "hurried from its bride to welcome his bride-to-be."

Miss Kelly was heard to say "Darling," as she "raced across the lighter joining the huge liner and little yacht, the Deo Juvante."

Prince Rainer took her hand and kissed, and then they went out sight for a "warmer greeting."

Several thousand of Rainier's subjects and a "horde of tourists thronged the quay and the roads around the harbor."

Grace was dressed in a "blue faille coat and a large white hat," and her jewelry included pearl earrings and a pearl bracelet."

The yacht flew both Rainier's banner and the Stars and Stripes.   When the yacht arrived at the quay, the "official welcoming party" and others were welcomed aboard the yacht.   Wine was served for toasts.  One "servant was delegated to escort Grace's poodle, Oliver," who had traveled with her.

Forty minutes later, Miss Kelly stepped off the gangplank and "to the soil of Monaco."  She was accompanied by her parents,  Mr. and Mrs. John B. Kelly of Philadelphia.

Miss Kelly and her family will stay at the Palace while Prince Rainier has moved into his villa at Cap Farrat, where he will live until after the wedding.

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