Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cousins have lunch with Queen Ena

April 28, 1931

The Prince of Wales and Prince George visited Fontainebleau earlier today for luncheon with the newly exiled Queen Victoria Eugenia of Spain, who is their father's first cousin.  They apparently had an enjoyable afternoon, and returned to Paris too late to fly back to London as planned, reported the New York Times.  The two princes, sons of George V, plan to "finish their 18,000 mile trip from South America to London tomorrow."

Just before noon, the two princes paid a courtesy call of French President Doumergue. Afterward, they "motored" to Fontainebleau where they "passed several hours" with Queen Victoria Eugenia and her family.

Back in London, a crowd had gathered in Windsor Park to welcome the Prince of Wales and Prince George back to England.  There was much disappointment when it was announced that that the flight had been postponed until tomorrow.

The Duke of York had planned to be on hand to welcome his brothers "as soon as they landed," but canceled his plans. The Prince of Wales' cairn terrier was among those waiting at the park for his return.  He "amused the crowd by dashing among officials who tried to control him."

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