Tuesday, April 26, 2016

And right next door to Agecroft Hall is Virginia House, a real English manor house

Seriously ... right next door to Agecroft Hall is Virginia House, an English manor house, once a part of the Warwick Priory.  This house was also dismantled and brought to Richmond and rebuilt on property on the James River in Windsor Farms.



The house and estate is now owned by the Virginia Historical Society.  The house was closed on Saturday, but there are no fences between Agecroft Hall and Virginia House.  So what does a girl with a camera do?  She nonchalantly strolls through the garden, climbs over a bench and starts taking pictures. 


Little Sis said...
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Little Sis said...

Great pictures and great weather. Spring in the south is great!

Michelle said...

Marlene, perhaps you can clear something up for me. While looking at the official biographies of the Swedish royals on their website, I saw something that really confused me. I was looking for any indication of why Prince Alexander's names were chosen - not necessarily the first name, but the middle ones, as they usually have some significance attached to them. Erik for Sofia's father, Bertil presumably because it's also Carl Philip's fourth name & that of his own godfather, but Hubertus had me thrown so I checked the king's names. Sure enough it is the king's fourth name, with Carl and Gustaf being used as middle names for the king's other grandsons. HOWEVER, I was looking for his father's full name and saw something confusing. On the official website of the Swedish monarchy, the bio for the king says that he became crown prince at age 4. In that same bio, it says he was born to Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf, who died the year after the king's birth. If Carl Gustaf was born to a crown prince, wouldn't he have become crown prince himself immediately upon his father's death? Why was he not crown prince until a few years later?

Michelle said...

Thank you for the pictures! Although I'm only 29, my health is terrible so it makes it very difficult to travel. I'm from the DC area as well (Fairfax County, grew up in Arlington) so as a history lover it's great being surrounded by so many wonderful places! Until I got sick I made a point of visiting all sorts of monuments, museums, estates, houses, battlefields, anything I could. Now, even Williamsburg is a stretch. Of course I come to your site mostly to see royal news, royal history, anything royal-related, I do enjoy your personal adventures as well!

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Bad translation from the Swedish page. The king's father was never Crown Prince, but Hereditary Prince, as his father, was Crown Prince. The King was Gustav V, who was the present king's great-grandfather. He died in 1950, and his son, became King Gustav VI Adolf. The new king's grandson, born in 1946, became the Crown Prince. The Swedish page has his father as arvprins which means hereditary prince. Hubertus was the second of three sons of Duke Carl Eduard of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, and the favorite brother of Princess Sibylla. He was killed during the second world war.