Saturday, November 7, 2015

Presenting the new Duke and Duchess of Calabria

TRH The Duke and Duchess of Calabria
@Duke of Calabria

HRH Prince Pedro of Bourbon-Two-Sicilies has succeeded to his father's titles.

As of November 5, 2015,  he has become HRH Duke of Calabria, Count of Caserta,, and head of the house of Bourbon-Two-Sicilies.   His eldest son, Prince Jaime, previously styled as Duke of Capua, is now styled as the Duke of Noto.

Duke and Duchess of Calabria with their seven children at the baptism of their youngest child, Princess Maria, earlier this year,  @Duke of Calabria


Michelle said...

what is your personal opinion on the way the Cambridges are handling media & public relations? i can fully understand their desire for privacy, especially for their children. the letter they fired off to the public & the press several months back spoke of their belief that their children should not be confined to home or raised behind palace gates, and i think most of us can completely understand that & agree. however, like it or not, these are public figures. even the children are public - they cannot ask us to accept George as the future king of the UK once he's 18 without allowing us to know him before then. the plan the press & the palace used for William & Harry while they grew up & in particular after they lost their mother seems a sensible one. however, it seems that we are not getting the type of updates about George & Charlotte that were given regarding William & Harry. perhaps that is simply because they are so young - obviously they cannot speak for themselves, so at this age it would just be the palace informing the press about the children & releasing pictures or providing photo opportunities.

i know there is footage from William's early childhood where he was in front of the press with his parents for arranged sessions, including the one where he was crawling, one where he wanted to know what a camera was, and one in a snowsuit (without snow). the Wales couple even let them be filmed in their own home, the footage of which shows William & Harry on the piano, Harry under a table, and other lovely moments. there has been ONE public session since Charlotte's birth, for her Christening, and of course the media did not directly interact with George the way they did with his father & uncle. also, the Cambridges have NEVER (to my knowledge) released anything about the children themselves. in other words, they might say, "George likes trucks and enjoys playing in the garden with his grandparents. during family gatherings he likes to joke around. he is an excellent big brother and adores his little sister." nothing too personal, nothing to truly "invade" his privacy, just enough to give the world expected to embrace him in his future role a small glimpse into who HE is, as a person. they want their kids to be seen as individuals, but we aren't given anything to tell us who they are.

the bottom line is that if the media is not given information and access, they will seek what they want elsewhere. if they aren't told about the children, they will keep asking those around them until they find someone willing to talk. they will take pictures they shouldn't because they haven't been given any. whether any of this is right or wrong, that is what will happen.

so the question is... are they handling this correctly? is their approach likely to change as the children grow up, or will they always be so tightly guarded? obviously as the kids get older & go out more, there will be pictures taken, though not always published per the agreement. information will get out one way or another, and the kids themselves may answer some basic questions the way William & Harry did. i'm just wondering if William & Kate's approach will change as the kids grow & are able to begin to grasp their reality. of course, whenever William becomes next in line to the throne, the family will be FORCED to become more public. how the parents handle that is likely going to depend at least in part on WHEN it happens. there is a big difference between this happening when George & Charlotte are teenagers compared to when they're this young.

Michelle said...

we all know that unless Charles were to die before the Queen, William will assume the title of Duke of Cornwall upon her death. after that, he may become Prince of Wales. if this were to occur, what would his children be titled? would they be "of Cambridge/Wales/Cornwall," or some combination of the three? if more than one would be used, does the order depend on when they were granted (Cambridge first & so on) or precedence (presumably Cornwall and/or Wales would "outrank" Cambridge, if there is such a thing).

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

we will not all assume this because the title Duke of Cornwall is for the eldest son of the sovereign. Thus, if Charles died before his mother, William would not inherit Cornwall. It would revert to the Crown. This happened when George II's son, Frederick, the Prince of Wales, died before his father so Prince George of Wales became heir apparent to his grandfather (and succeeded as George III). George II named his grandson as Prince of Wales.

In your example, William would remain Duke of Cambridge unless his grandmother names him as Prince of Wales. Should this happen, his children would be styled as of Wales and not of Cambridge. William would remain duke of Cambridge but would no longer be styled as Duke of Cambridge, and title would revert to Crown when he became king for re-creation at another time. George would not inherit the title unless William dies before he succeeds.
When Charles becomes king, William will automatically become Duke of Cornwall and Duke of Rothesay. If he follows the style of the future George V, who was duke of York, when his father succeeded, William will be styled Duke of Cornwall and York (children styled as the same). At some point, Charles will name his son as Prince of Wales (It is not hereditary), William's style will be HRH The Prince of Wales (and in Scotland he will be the duke of rothesay. His children will be styled as Prince George of Wales, Princess Charlotte of Wales. Prince of Wales trumps the other titles.

The Cambridges have been handling things badly, especially in regard to the pap shots. William comes off as a bully, and has not earned points with the British press ... he and Catherine (and the kids) had the reporters come for a reception -off the record -- a few weeks ago. They could learn a few things from some of the European royals and how they handle the press ... the difference of course is that the Cambridge kids are of more interest to the international media than estelle of sweden

Michelle said...

i actually said that would all be the case UNLESS Charles were to die before the Queen... just to clarify. that said, i am interested in how the titles are used when a royal duke inherits the dukedom of Cornwall or is named Prince of Wales. i know the York children were of Cornwall & York, but wasn't sure how the Cambridge children would be known once William was named Prince of Wales. i hadn't looked beyond the House of Windsor for examples, so the Hanover one you explained was helpful - thank you! :-) with Charles it is clear that Wales is used rather than Cornwall, as Harry & William have always been "of Wales" (until William married) rather than involving Cornwall in their titles. the reason i was unclear is because Charles was BORN as Duke of Cornwall, so obviously did not have a royal dukedom granted in addition to that.

what was this "off the record" reception about? in other words, was it just to try to win good will by allowing them to see the children? if they can't report what happened or share pictures i don't see any other purpose.

personally, i've always LOVED the way the Dutch royals handle things! the children have ALWAYS been regularly present at photo opportunities, usually at their private residence or on their vacations. they allow the 3 princesses to talk to the press (not full-length interviews, but a question here or there about their interests) and provide a chance for pictures to be taken of them playing or doing something rather than just posing for a picture. they've also regularly provided information about their interests - hobbies, sports, what they enjoy doing.

the Danish also seem to do a decent job - their summer photo opportunity involves the entire extended family so they do get some good pictures of the Queen's children, daughters-in-law and grandchildren. it seems to be a bit more formal than the Dutch, maybe because with so many of the royals it doesn't feel as personal, but they still take the time. they also allow pictures on their skiing trips.

it seems William & Catherine are going to have to either let up a little or face a much more difficult time later on. honestly, maybe it's just me, but i don't understand why the occasional picture couldn't be shared on the official royal social media accounts. Charlotte is half a year old, and we saw her the day of her birth & the day of her Christening, that's it. would it truly be the end of the world to share a picture of her with George?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Charles was not born Duke of Cornwall. This title is for the eldest son of the sovereign. charles was born HRH Prince Charles of Edinburgh -- and this was done by Letters Patent before Elizabeth gave birth. If George VI had not issued a Letters Patent to give the HRH and title of prince or princess to Elizabeth's kids, they would have been styled as the Earl of Merioneth and the Lady Anne Mountbatten taking their rank from their father, a duke. They would have the immediate upgrade when Elizabeth succeeded to the throne.

Edward VII was created Prince of Wales at birth so he was never styled as duke of Cornwall although he was the duke as the eldest son of the sovereign. Edward VIII went through several title. At birth he was HH Prince Edward of York, then in 1897, when Victoria issued a LP to give the HRH to the Duke of York's kids, he became HRH Prince Edward of York. When his grandfather succeeded he was HRH Prince Edward of Cornwall and York until his father was named as Prince of Wales He came Prince Edward of Wales. When his father succeeded in May 1910, he became the duke of Cornwall and a month later was named as Prince of Wales. He held the title as Prince of Wales, duke of Cornwall and duke of Rothesay until he succeeded his father in Jan 1936. His brother, the duke of York, became the heir presumptive, and as a brother could not be named as prince of Wales or become the duke of Cornwall. The duchy of Cornwall reverted to the Crown until Elizabeth became queen and Charles became the duke as being the eldest son of the sovereign. To be perfectly honest, we saw little of the Wales princes in infancy. A photo of george was released last November. I bet we get one of the two siblings later this month.

Manon said...

Concerning the Duke of Calabria: on a french speaking "royal and nobility board" someone wwrote that the Duke has raised "alone"in Spain his eldest son between 1993 and 2003 while his future wife was in London . Is it true? Thank you Marlene

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

I suspect it is not true because Pedro was largely estranged from his father due to his relationship with Sofia and the birth of their son. They lived quietly together and eventually, it was the grandson that brought Carlos around, finally agreeing to the marriage

Janice Seto said...

Hello, Marlene, is it likely that a representative of the Duke and Duchess of Castro would be at the upcoming memorial service for Infante Don Carlos, Duke of Calabria?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

I think the hope is that they will attend.