Friday, November 20, 2015


At some point, while we were asleep, Royal Musings received its six millionth visitor since July 2008, when I started this blog.  There are blogs that probably receive a million visitors per day,  but I think having on average 4500 visitors is awesome, too.

On behalf of the Royal Musings team, Sienna, Harper and myself, we say thank you.  Sienna and Harper are of course celebrating the news about their favorite Nat, Bryce Harper, winning the NL MVP award last night.

Harper with a photo of his namesake.  I took the photo of Bryce Harper when I was in Atlanta


Helen said...

Well done for a great blog!

julaine said...

Congratulations. As a long time reader I would like for you to know that your work is greatly appreciated. I always check in every day to see the latest of your informative, carefully researched and highly entertaining insights into royal history mixed with current royal doings.