Friday, September 25, 2015

Prince Edward brings rich wife to Austria

September 25, 1925

Prince Edward Lobkowicz received a "triumphal welcome" in Vienna today with his young American bride, Anita Lihme, daughter of C. Bal Lihme, reports the Chicago Tribune.   The prince and Miss Lihme were married last month at her family's home in Watch Hill, Rhode Island.

Before the war, Prince Edward was one of "figures of aristocratic life of Vienna. In 1924,  he left Austria to "seek his fortune in America."  With $300 "in his pocket," he sailed to New York, arriving with only $80.

At the time, he spoke little English.  He wandered about the streets, and eventually found a job as a clerk at Wanamaker's, earning $25 a week.  He was barely able to make ends meet but was "always perfectly garbed at receptions," as he was invited to many because of his title.

He spent only a short time as a clerk before meeting M. Isvolsky, son of a former Czarist ambassador to France.  They decided to start a caviar importing business.  It was a successful venture, as Palm Beach high society matrons would purchase only the caviar recommended by Prince Edward and his partner.

It was in Palm Beach while playing golf, where Prince Edward met Miss Lihme, an American heiress.

Prince Edward has advised Austrians to go to American where "you will not find dollars on the streets, but you will find work and you must work hard. I learned, and I am proud of it."

Prince and Princess Edward will visit numerous castles during their stay in Austria, as members of the "important nobility" are vying to entertain the newlyweds.

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