Friday, September 25, 2015

Ena to be Spain's Queen?

September 26, 1905

Has the young King Alfonso XIII of Spain found his bride?  According to a dispatch to the London Chronicle, and reported by the Chicago Tribune, King Alfonso has chosen Princess Ena of Battenberg to be his wife.

Sources report that the wedding will take place next May 17.

Princess Ena has been called the "beauty of the British royal family."  She is the only daughter of Princess Beatrice, the youngest sister of King Edward VII and the late Prince Henry of Battenberg.   She celebrated her 18th birthday a week ago.

The princess, whose real name is Victoria Eugenie, made her "social debut" at the first court of 1905 at Buckingham Palace.  Most of her childhood was "happily spent" with her mother at Osborne cottage on the Isle of Wight, where  Princess Beatrice has served as governor.  She is the only girl in the family, so she has "naturally been made a special companion by her mother.  She often accompanies Princess Beatrice on "motor and yachting expeditions," enjoying the time spent with her older brother, Prince Alexander, and her two younger brothers, Prince Leopold and Prince Maurice.

For some months now, King Alfonso has been "carrying on an active correspondence" with Ena, through her first cousin, Princess Victoria, who is King Edward's unmarried daughter, who became good friends with Alfonso when he was in London.

Although Ena is in line to the British throne, she is not "strictly speaking, an English princess,"  as she takes her title and rank from her father, Prince Henry of Battenberg.    She is a "remarkably pretty girl," and one of the most "beautiful and brilliant  of marriageable princesses."  Ena is said to be Empress Eugenie's favorite godchild, and is "destined" to be her principal heiress.

She is "fair, blue eyed, bright faced," with wavy hair.   As with many members of the British royal family, "her education has been of the widest and best," and she has a "special gift for social and ornamental accomplishments."    Last May 26,  Princess Henry gave a ball at Kensington Palace in honor of her daughter.  Described as one of the "most brilliant functions" of the London season,  the ball was attended by King Edward VII, the Prince of Wales,  the Duke and Duchess of Connaught and their daughters, Princesses Margaret and Patricia, and other members of the royal family.

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