Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Baudouin to wed Spanish girl

September 16, 1960

King Baudouin of the Belgians will marry Doña Fabiola  de Mora y Aragon, a Spanish noble woman, according to an announcement made earlier today by Premier Gaston Eyskens.

The marriage will take place in Brussels before the end of the year, reports the New York Times.   The King and Doña Fabiola have been engaged "for some time," according to the Belgian premier. 

The news, however, came as a surprise to many in Belgium and in the government.  The premier said that the king's decision was "warmly approved by the Government."  He was also "convinced that the news would be "welcomed by all of the population."

The news had been delayed  "for many weeks because of the tragic events in the Congo.

King Baudouin is 30 years old, and his future bride is two years his senior.  She is the daughter of the late Count de Mora and Marquis de Casa Riera.   According to the Belgian court,  the King's fiancée "devoted much of her time serving in a military hospital and she was active in social and charitable works. She speaks French, English and German, in addition to Spanish.    Court officials would not provide more information about the couple's friendship except to say that the King met Doña Fabiola "many times at the homes of friends."

Belgian's future queen is said to be "tall and slender, with brown eyes and wavy hair with a glint of auburn."  She is "quiet and religious and works hard at projects to aid the poor in Madrid."

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