Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Royal Couple at Congress

The King and Queen of the Netherlands made several stops at Congress yesterday on both sides (House and Senate) as well as a stop at the Rotunda, where they met the family of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.   Pelosi's daughter, Alexandra, is married to Dutch journalist, Michiel Vos.  They have two sons.

By the time we got to Congress, the skies had opened, and it appears to be monsoon season D.C.  Huge thunderbolts and lightning followed by gullywashers, teaming rain.  The Dutch press says it doesn't rain this like this in the Netherlands. 

The final event for the evening was the King and Queen's visit to see the Washington Nationals baseball team.  As EVERYONE knows, I am a huge Nats fan, so was looking forward to this.

Due to the heavy downpour, the game was first postponed. We were on the press bus outside the park, when we saw the motorcade pass by.   We went in, went through security checks, got our credentials, and then ... the game was cancelled (until today).

It is assumed that the King and Queen did meet with the Lerner family before heading back to their hotel and a nice dinner at a local restaurant before heading to Grand Rapids, Michigan, today, for another round of official engagements.  Tomorrow the King and Queen will be in Chicago.

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