Friday, June 19, 2015

European royals flee to Spain

June 19, 1940

An "impressive caravan of automobiles and trucks" streamed across the international bridge at Irun, Spain, just across the border from France, "with persons seeking refuge in Spain," reports United Press.

Former Empress Zita of Austria-Hungary was among the first to cross the border.  She was accompanied by two siblings, Prince Xavier and Princess Isabella of Bourbon-Parma.  They were "traveling incognito," but were recognized when they were "exempted at passport control."

Other European aristocrats also crossing the border from France into Spain include Elisabeth, Philippine and Eugenio de Rothschild, and the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, who was accompanied by a "large party."

Due to the "increasing number of refugees," the Spanish government will keep the bridge open throughout the night.

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