Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Down & Dirty in the Jakarta court

Hearings in the annulment-cum-cancellation marriage between Jessica Iskandar and Hereditary Count Ludwig zu Waldburg und Wolfegg und Waldsee continued today in a Jakarta court house.

According to the Google translation of this article, Ludwig has objected to the requested DNA test.

Ludwig's lawyer is seeking a cancellation of the marriage as it did not meet "the formal requirements" of Indonesian law.   Ludwig's lawyer also argued that his client never approved of a marriage as he is a Roman Catholic, and he states that fraud was committed in the testimony of Jessica's brother, and the officials who turned out to have no connection with the church where the alleged ceremony took place.  The Church has admitted that none of their clergy performed a marriage between Jessica and Ludwig.

Ludwig's lawyers are still gathering evidence of an alleged crime of fraud, but not submitted a report to local police.

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