Thursday, April 9, 2015

Prince Laurent: a fine whine

It's time for the Prince Laurent of Belgium's pity party! 

In an interview today with Belgian public television channel, RTBF,  the younger brother of King Philippe compared the royal family to the Stasi, the German Democratic Republic's feared secret police.

"My family has never supported me," the Prince complained bitterly. (Sniff sniff)  "It started with my uncle, King Baudouin. Then with my father, Albert II. With them it was like the Stasi.  Today, I have the impression that it continues with my brother, King Philippe.  Their mistake (was) to have taken on an entourage which wished me harm and wanted to prevent me working."

The 51-year-old Prince has been described as the black sheep of the Belgian royal family.  He lives with his wife, the long-suffering Princess Claire, and their three children, Princess Louise and the twins, Princes Aymeric and Nicolas.

He added that his family has "put a spoke in his wheels," by sabotaging his
"work for years."

"All of my life, I have been blocked ... it is really complicated to work in such a situation."

In the background, can you hear me playing the smallest violin in the world?  Really, Prince Laurent, really?   Seriously, you are comparing your family to the Stasi?  Do you know what the Stasi did to people?  Have you been imprisoned?  Are you being spied upon?  Have other members of your family suffered (loss of job, home, inability to get into the right schools) because of you?

No, they haven't.  You are being a spoiled brat.  You live in a very nice villa with food on the table.  I am sure you have more than one pair of shoes in your closet.  There is enough money in your bank account to travel first class.  Do you understand how privileged you are?  No, I don't think so.

One can understand the frustrations of your uncle, your dad and now your brother.  Instead of following the playbook, you get involved with shady characters, such as the son of the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.  You do things without checking with the government or palace. You are a prince of Belgium.  You cannot be a private person.  Going rogue reflects badly on you, but there are also repercussions for the Belgian government and within your family.

Your role is not to be a star.  Your role is to support your brother in his position as king.  If you are so unhappy, so miserable, so angry, perhaps it is time to consider a new career.  Perhaps you can give up your title, income, home, and find a job on your own.  Princess Claire is a licensed surveyor.  She can contribute to the family income.   It might mean downsizing to a nice apartment in a Brussels suburb, local schools for the three children ... but you would be able to live your own life as Laurent de Saxe-Coburg.

But this is unlikely to happen.  So, stop the whining. It is truly unbecoming and embarrassing you, and for your family.  Woe is me never works.  You need to concentrate on serving Belgium.  It is not about what you want.  It is all about what you can do for your country and your family.   You are a fine whine who has not aged well.

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Unknown said...

Yo certainly hit the nail on the head with this one. I've been thinking the same for years.