Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Boris makes himself dictator

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 April 22, 1935

King Boris III of Bulgaria became the "world's newest dictator and one of the youngest," after "forestalling an eleventh hour attempted coup and rebellion by military leaders" earlier today.

The Associated Press reports that the 41-year-old king's "determined and vigorous action" allowed him to take control of the situation.  Bulgaria is breaking easier, believing that the king saved the country from rebellion.

The aborted rebellion by "extremist officers of the military league," which had tried to control the country until the cabinet resigned several days ago, after they realized that King Boris was determined to have a "civil and constitutional government."

A coup was planned, but the king "got wind of it," and prevented a rebellion. He summon the ringleaders to the palace and "read them the riot act."   The military leaders remained defiant, and made it clear that would not "tolerate a purely civil cabinet."

Boris decided to "make the intractable officers prisoners."  As he did not trust the regular army, he called on the palace's 200 military students, and "with drawn bayonets" kept the prisoners under guard in the throne room.

The king placed guards at the major state buildings.  As the capital, Sofia, "quietly celebrated Easter," King Boris set up his own government, choosing "only those whom he trusted implicitly."

One of his first decrees of the new regime was to order the drawing up of a new constitution.   Large crowds gathered outside the palace, cheering for the king, calling him the savior of the country, but he would not allow "the demonstration to take place."

At the king's side, "encouraging him  and spurring him on," was his sister, Princess Eudoxia, who is his "most trusted counselor."   During the crisis earlier today, she ran to his side, and urged him to "not waver," as the "people are on our side  and Bulgaria and the world will applaud you."

Bulgaria's "once all powerful military league" appears to have been defeated and King Boris stands supreme.

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