Thursday, April 16, 2015

Alfonso plays prank on Duke of Spoleto

April 16, 1930

The Spanish had a case of the giggles today due to the prank played by King Alfonso XIII upon Prince Aimone, Duke of Spoleto, the young nephew of King Vittorio Emanuele of Italy, "who rumor has it, will soon become engaged to Infanta Beatriz," Alfonso's elder daughter, reports the Associated Press.

In the presence of Infana Beatriz and other member of the royal family, King Alfonso brought the Duke of Spoleto to a "trick bench in the palace gardens of Alcazar," where the royal family and their guests are staying during Holy Week.

The Duke was invited to sit down on the bench, and when he did, his weight released a "spring which controlled a concealed foundation."  The young man was drenched with water "from the spray," while King Alfonso, Infanta Beatriz, and the duke's mother, the Duchess of Aosta, "all laughed merrily.

Friends of the royal family "considered that the prank indicted the extent" which Prince Aimone has "won the esteem and affection" of King Alfonso.  It also lends "addition credence" to the reports of a romance between the Infanta and Prince Aimone.

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