Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Prince of Wied (1961-2015)

Marlene A. Eilers Koenig collection
The 8th Prince of Wied died earlier today of a heart attack at the  Marienhaus Klinikum St. Elisabeth in Neuwied, Germany.  He was 51years old.

He was born Prince Friedrich August Maximilian Wilhelm Carl of Wied, on October 27, 1961 at Neuwied, and had always been known by his final Christian name.  He was the second son of Friedrich Wilhelm, 7th Prince of Wied, and his first wife, Princess Guda of Waldeck und Pyrmont. (They were divorced in 1967.)
The 7th Prince of Wied and family (1997)

Prince Carl's older brother, Prince Alexander,, renounced his rights as the first born son in favor of his younger brother in 2000.

Prince Carl was married on April 25, 1998 to Princess Isabelle of Isenburg,  daughter of the Prince and Princess of Isenburg.  The couple had four children:  Hereditary Prince Franz Alexander Friedrich Wilhelm Maximilian (1999), Prince Franz Alexander Heinrich Konstantin Friedrich Wilhelm (2001), Princess Marie Elisabeth (born and died March 29, 2003) and Princess Anastasia Isabelle Luise (2004).

He succeeded his father on August 28, 2000.  The late prince was visiting family property in Canada.

The 8th Prince is survived by his widow, Princess Isabelle, their three children, his mother, Princess Guda,  his older brother, Prince Alexander,, and four half-siblings, Princess Christina and Prince Wolf-Heinrich, the issue of his father's second marriage to Princess Sophie Charlotte of Stolberg-Stolberg, and Vicco and Christian Dierkes, the children of his mother's Guda's second marriage to Horst Dierkes.

The Mayor of Neuwied, Nicholas Roth released a statement:  "We have lost a great friend and supporter."

Hereditary Prince Maximilian will succeed his father as the 9th Prince of Wied

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