Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Prince of Wales will recover from malaria

March 3, 1930

The following bulletin has been issued from Government House in Nairobi, Kenya:

"The Prince of Wales is better and there is every indication that he will be up in a few days and ready to resume his hunting expedition.  The condition of the Prince of Wales continues to improve.  No complications have occurred and his complete recovery is expected at an early date."

This official announcement, reports the New York Times, indicates that heir to the British throne is "making normal progress, common to mild attacks of malaria."

His temperature has gone down, and was "cheerful during the day today." It is believed that he contracted malaria in the "Vol area of the hinterland, where he was stalking animals with a camera.

The "bracing, cool air of Nairobi" will be restorative, as malaria, "like a feverish cold, requires several days to pass away."

The Associated Press reports that the Prince of Wales is being treated by doctors and nurses, who specialize in this "curse of equatorial Africa."  It is their care and the Prince's "own strong constitution and optimistic temperament," that is helping his recovery. 

His physicians believe that there is no "danger of complications," or a relapse.

After he first became ill, the Prince of Wales endured a 24-hour train ride back to Nairobi.

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