Monday, March 9, 2015

Jessica Iskandar: No plans to take baby Barack to Germany

Indonesian celebrity Jessica Iskandar has no plans to take her eight-month-old son, El Barack Alexander to Germany to see Hereditary Count Ludwig  von Waldburg zu Wolfegg und und Waldsee.

Earlier today, Iskandar met the Indonesia media in a press conference that was carried live on television.  She said  there are no plans to take her son to Germany because he is too small.  She admitted that her son should see his father.   "I believe Ludwig and his family have big hearts" and will want to love her son. 

According to one report, Jessica has made several demands of Ludwig, but the demads do not include money (at least according to Google Translate.)

This second article refers further to Jessica's relationship with Ludwig. For the first time, she has spoken openly of her love.   He once loved her, she said, but now he doesn't and that "makes me sad."

She expressed her sorrow of being pregnant and had to live alone in the United States.  Ludwig did not accompany her to California, where she gave birth.   Ludwig was not present for the birth. 

Iskandar returned to Jakarta, and remains hopeful that Ludwig will want to see the baby.  "I have asked him to come to meet El because it is important that my son knows his father."

Jessica spent seven months in the United States.  Ludwig had remained in Jakarta, where he worked for an internet firm.  She waited for Ludwig to join her in the United States, but he did not come.  After the birth of El Barack, Jessica Iskandar returned to Jakarta.   By that time, Ludwig had returned to his family's home in Germany.  The baby was born prematurely, and was one month old when his mother brought him home to Jakarta.

He has never publicly acknowledged that he is Barack's father.

In this article, Jessica claims that she did not know that Ludwig was a member of a German noble family.  "I saw him as an ordinary person. Perhaps he did not want to admit his background."

She said she was devastated when Ludwig filed suit, asking for the cancellation of the marriage, claiming that no marriage took place.  Ludwig's suit claimed that the marriage certificate, owned by Jessica, was not made by official personnel, but created by one of Jessica's relatives.  

Jessica Iskandar said she would respect the court's ruling on the marriage.   According to Jessica, he also told her that he would have no problem with her raising the child alone.   She hopes that he will want to see his son, and receive official recognition."

In this article, Jessica finally admits that the marriage certificate is false, and that no marriage ever took place in the True Jesus Church.

She also spoke about her relationship with Ludwig. To my knowledge, love is beautiful. He always noticed me, care about me, there for me, that's what makes me fall in love." 

Ludwig's lawyer is confident that his client will win his lawsuit, and the marriage will be declared as having never taken place.   He feels Iskandar blundered by having her brother Henry as a witness in the case.  It was Henry Iskandar who brought forth a certificate of marriage having taken place at the True Jesus Church. It has now been proven that the certificate was fake, and church officials have stated on record that no marriage ceremony was performed there.

Google Translate does its best with translating Indonesian into English.  The word baseball turns up in numerous stories, but I do not think that is the right word for a situation. (Baseball is a good word, though!)  I apologize to my readers if I got anything wrong .. and I hope one of my Indonesian readers will provide further or corroborating information.

The court has not made a final ruling on the case, but an announcement should be made soon.   I believe Jessica Iskandar realizes that her marriage was a sham and she was never legally married to Ludwig.  This also means her son is illegitimate, which is probably more of a social issue in Indonesia than in the United States.  She was already pregnant when the alleged sham marriage took place.


Tere Tere said...

Remember 'princess diary film'??? I think the truth story just like that movie.. So poor jessica..

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Jessica is a celebrity. Ludwig is a German citizen (legally there are no titles in Germany.) The marriage appears to have been a sham from the start, which means the marriage never took place. If the child is his, Jessica can try to obtain child support, but that ball is in her court.

Asma Ansaar said...

She is serious with him but he just playing with her. Life goes on. One day someone will do the same to him.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Story long over. They were never married.

Siti Aminah said...

Poor Jessica, poor Elbarack and his whole life in Indonesia, because it will be difficult for him to go to school and all official dokumentation that needed in his life.