Friday, March 13, 2015

Did Ludwig promised 300 Euros a month as support for Baby?

It really is a case of She said.  His Lawyer says .. and the truth ... which we don't really know.

The She is Jessica Iskandar, the Indonesian celebrity, who earlier this week gave a press conference in Jakarta to set the record straight (her record) about her relationship with Hereditary Count Ludwig von Waldburg zu Wolfegg und Waldsee. 

Jessica claimed that she and Ludwig were married in a religious ceremony at the True Jesus Church in December 2013.  It was a marriage made in haste as Jessica was pregnant with Ludwig's child.  She claims Ludwig wanted her to keep the marriage a secret, but details of the marriage were made public some months later.

Jessica flew to San Francisco to stay with a sister.  It would a lot easier to give birth in the US you are not a big celebrity, not even a teeny-weeny celebrity. In July, Jessica gave birth to a son, who she named El Barack Alexander.  In the press conference on Monday, she said Ludwig told her that he would join her in America for the birth.  He didn't.  She returned to Indonesia a month after her son was born, only to find that Ludwig was gone.   He was back in Germany with his family.

Jessica is now telling everyone that Ludwig promised to pay her 300 Euros a month in support if she kept quiet about the marriage.  (Remember, I am using Google translate,  and I am not sure how accurate the translations are.)

The money has never materialized, and Ludwig has not made any attempt to acknowledge his son.

The papers are reporting only what Jessica's story.  Ludwig is represented by his lawyer.  There are surely more facts that are not known.

Ludwig should be held accountable for the support of El Barack Alexander if he is the father.  It seems likely that the marriage will be annulled, and when this happens, the court should require Ludwig to take a DNA test.  If this test proves that he is the father of Iskandar's, he should be required to pay support. 

At some point, Ludwig, who know works for Google in Ireland, will settle down and marry a nice Roman Catholic girl. He will begin to take over the administration of the family estates.  El Barack Alexander will have no rights to the Wolfegg estates, but he does have the legal right to, at least, receive financial support from his biological father.   I don't think such things will happen until after the marriage question is settled by the court.

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