Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Prince Viggo and bride arrive in Copenhagen

October 22, 1924

Prince Viggo of Denmark and his American bride, the former Miss Eleanor Green, arrived in Copenhagen today, reports the Associated Press.

They were welcomed at the train station by King Christian X and Queen Alexandrine, Prince Waldemar, father of Prince Viggo; Prince Knud, Prince Axel, Prince Gustav and Prince Harold and Princesses Thyra, Helena and Margaretha.

Prince Waldemar kissed his daughter-in-law as she "alighted from the train.  Prince Viggo then introduced his wife to the King and Queen, who "affectionately kissed the bride.

Friends and officers of Prince Viggo "presented the Princess with a bouquet of flowers."  Thousands of people came out to cheer the couple as they drove through Copenhagen to have lunch at the palace with the king and queen and other members of the family.

In the afternoon, Prince and Princess Viggo  paid "official visits" and had tea with former Dowager Empress Marie Feodorovna of Russia.   A gala dinner in honor of the couple was planned for tonight, but due to the "serious illness" of Queen Dowager Louise, a more intimate dinner for the bride and groom and close family was held.

Prince and Princess Viggo will live for the time being with Prince Waldemar at Bernstorff,  which was "previously occupied" by Prince and Princess Axel.

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