Monday, October 13, 2014

Prince Oleg dies from wound

October 13, 1914

Prince Oleg of Russia died in a hospital at Vilna last night from the "result of wounds received in a brilliant cavalry attack during the recent fighting, reports the New York Times.

he report is based on a dispatch from Petrograd to the London Morning News.

Prince Oleg was the fourth son of Grand Duke Konstantine Konstantovich.

The "official account" published several days ago noted that the Prince, in a cavalry charge, was slightly wounded in the leg. But another bullet "inflicted" more serious injuries that caused his death.

Prince Oleg is the first member of the Imperial family to "give his life for Russia.  He was a "young man of high promise."   He was 21 years old.

Grand Duke Konstantine is at Vilna, and the body of his son will be taken to the family estate near Moscow for internment.

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