Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Alexander III doing better

October 21, 1894

An official statement regarding the health of Alexander III was sent from Livadia at 8:00, according to the New York Times.

"During the last twenty-four hours the Czar has had rather more sleep than on his preceding days. He rose to-day with his usual appetite, is somewhat better generally, and is more composed than yesterday.  Otherwise his condition is unchanged."

Other dispatches say that Emperor of Russia has "rallied slightly," but residents of St. Petersburg have no confidence in the "official announcements.

The meagerness of the news bulletins has "left room for the craziest rumors, which multiply on every street corner and in every café."

The latest rumors include the Tsarevitch renouncing the succession, the Emperor is dead "and the fact is suppressed," and that the Grand Duke George "died two days ago."

Official bulletins have not dispelled the rumors.  The latest story is that Empress Marie Feodorovna's "mind has broken down under her many afflictions."

Restaurants and theaters remain open and crowded, as usual.  There are prayers throughout Russia in churches for the Czar.   In Moscow, the mood is similar.  The city is "grief-stricken," but nothing has closed.   

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