Thursday, June 19, 2014

Spain's new King

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King Felipe VI was sworn in earlier today at the Cortes (Parliament) as Spain's new sovereign.   His father, King Juan  Carlos, abdicated yesterday, but the actual law became effective at midnight when the law, allowing for the abdication, was published.

It was nice to see a large crowd outside the Palace as King Felipe VI, Queen Letizia, the Princess of Asturias, Infanta Sofia, King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, appeared on the balcony.
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@Casa Real

Infanta Elena and Infanta Cristina are no longer members of the Royal Family, but remain members of the King's family.  They have not lost their titles or their place in the succession (Elena is third in line after Infanta Sofia),  but they will no longer take part in official state occasions.  

Infanta Cristina and her children live in "exile" in Switzerland.   Infanta Elena and two children live in Madrid.  Although no announcement has been made, I expect that Infanta Elena will carry out her engagements on her own.

On Friday,  Infanta Elena flew to Geneva to visit her sister, Cristina, who was celebrating her 49th birthday.  It was a lightning visit, only 24 hours, but the two sisters were able to spend some time together before Elena returned to attend her father's abdication ceremony.

I watched a bit of the coverage on BBC World.  It was very nice to see the crowds cheering along the route and outside the palace.  The BBC reporter interviewed several young people, wearing Crowns on their head, who made it clear that the monarchy is the best option for Spain.


juan said...

It was a beautiful ceremony. King Felipe was a little nervous when made his speech. He dedicated some words to his parents, King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofía. It was a very emotional moment for Queen Sofia and Infanta Elena. Sadly Infanta Cristina wasn´t in the Parliament to see the ceremony but Spanish newspapers said she was yesterday in Madrid.
The King of The Hellenes was in the Parliament with his wife Anne Marie, both beside Infante Don Carlos and his wife Anne of Orleans.
The best was when the new King and Queen headed to The Royal Palace by their gorgeous Rolls Royce and the Royal Guards escorting them.
So many people in street¡¡¡¡ In Spain there are republicans but there are also many many people supporting the Monarchy. I wish all the best to King Felipe, I hope he is so good like his father.

Anonymous said...

Hello Marlene,
If I'm correct, this makes King Felipe the only currently reigning monarch descended from Queen Victoria's daughter Victoria? Alfred is the only one of Queen Victoria's children with living descendants that are not reigning monarchs?