Saturday, June 7, 2014

Princess Leonore's godparents

The names of Princess Leonore's six godparents have been announced.  The baptism will take place tomorrow, Sunday, June 8

Kronprinsessan Victoria (Madeleine's sister)
Fröken Louise Gottlieb  (Madeleine's friend)
Herr Patrick Sommerlath (Madeleine's cousin)
Mrs Tatjana d’Abo  (Christopher's sister)
Count Ernst Abensperg und Traun  Christopher's brother-in-law)
Miss Alice Bamford (barndomsvän till herr Christopher O'Neill  (Christopher's childhood friend.)

Alice is the daughter of Sir Anthony Bamford, who has an estimated worth of $4.1 billion dollars.

Alice owns the One Gun Ranch in Malibu, California.


Michelle said...

are the rumors circulating on some of the tabloid websites about Charlene of Monaco having twins true (to your knowledge)? they're saying it's "confirmed" but i don't see an official statement to that effect.

if it is true, since this situation is unique in that no other royal twins in recent days (to my knowledge, at least) have been the firstborn(s), what is the law in Monaco? it's sons first, in birth order, then daughters, even if the girls are older, correct? i'd hate to be the doctor delivering those twins if it is true! at least with Crown Princess Mary it was for all practical purposes irrelevant who was born first because Vincent & Josephine are both behind Christian & Isabella. the Danish twins were born naturally, but if a c-section is required, the doctor may have to choose. ideally you would think he would try to deliver first whoever would've been born first had there not been a c-section, but that may not be possible, which means that person would be choosing which child would be the future sovereign of that country.

what would be even MORE interesting is if Charlene (or any royal, really) had IDENTICAL twins... they are the same person genetically, but we all know that genes aren't everything, and often even identical twins are opposites in many ways. i've got to say, not many people (outside of the "royal watchers" circle, of course!) follow the royals of Monaco. they may be able to tell you who Grace Kelly was, but that's pretty much it. if there are twins on the way, given it's the first child(ren), i'm guessing there will suddenly be quite a lot of interest in following this pregnancy! :-P

Michelle said...

Marlene, what are your thoughts on the people Princess Leonore's parents have chosen? they all make sense, of course... and i understand that her father has remained largely as distant as possible from the whole "royal world" in that he hasn't taken a title, doesn't do official duties, and they haven't even lived in Sweden. still, i've always thought the European heirs (especially the Scandinavian ones) to be particularly close. i'd simply assumed that extended to the entire families of those heirs, particularly including the siblings, so it surprised me that not one royal was named as a Godparent, with the exception of Victoria, who is the Princess' aunt. i realize the little princess is a "minor" member of the royal house, being the child of the youngest daughter of the king, so i certainly didn't expect her to have the kind of Godparent list Prince Christian or Princess Estelle have. still, to have not one single royal outside the immediate family was surprising to me.

any thoughts?

also, has the Swedish royal court said anything about when Princess Madeleine & family may move to Sweden? i know Princess Leonore has to be raised there to be considered eligible for the throne (although what exactly that means isn't clear, and it's irrelevant for the most part anyway because Victoria, Estelle, AND Carl Philip and any children he has would all have to die for Madeleine and then Leonore to become sovereign). at one point didn't they say they planned on "raising" her in Sweden, thereby preserving all of her rights?

hope to get to see some great pictures from the event! it's amazing to me how strong the Bernadotte genes are in the female line! looking at pictures of the Queen compared to Victoria at the same ages, it's nearly impossible to tell them apart! did you see the pictures from Princess Estelle's first birthday, in the blue dress with two balloons on it? they had a picture of Victoria wearing the same dress on HER first birthday, and it took me a moment to realize one picture was of her and one was of Estelle! the picture they released of Leonore & Estelle together is so cute... they'll certainly be the best of friends!

so much happening in the Royal World the past few years! we've been spoiled! :-P

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

The comments about Charlene (and the Mail is late to the story) come from her father to a SA journalist (also a good friend) in Benoit. The palace announced a pregnancy, not a baby, but there has not been an official confirmation, but the palace has not denied it either. Charlene has not been seen. She did not accompany Albert to the Netherlands.
I think a good mix for Leonor, including Alice Bamford whose father is worth billions. Leonore is not going to carry out a lot of engagements. Prince George does not have a single royal godparent, and he is a future king. They did say after Leonore was born that they would move back to Sweden when it was time for Leonore to go to school.

tim black said...

I don't understand why Princess Madeleine daughter is a HRH please explain

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Tim, Sweden as true gender equality, thus Madeleine's children will be royal.