Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Peter of Serbia abdicates or not?

June 24, 1914

King Peter of Serbia has abdicated in favor of his second son, Prince Alexander, reports the Chicago Daily Tribune.

The King, who has been ill health for some time, left Belgrade this afternoon for Vranya in southern Serbia.  A statement issued by the official agency announced Peter's departure, but did not announce his abdication.

Peter did sign a "ukase instructing the government of Serbia during his absence from the capital to Crown Prince Alexander."

This was followed by a royal proclamation.

"Owing to ill health I am unable to perform my duties, and in accordance with paragraph 69 of the Serbian constitution, I confide the government of Serbia to my heir, the Crown Prince Alexander, during my illness."

King Peter is 70 years old.  There would be "little surprise" in Belgrade's court circles if today's announcement was a precursor to an official abdication, which King Peter is said "to have contemplated for some time."

He succeeded to the throne on June 15, 1903, five days after the assassination of King Alexander Obrenovic and the murder of his wife, Queen Draga.

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