Thursday, June 19, 2014

Order of the Garter Procession

On Monday, I was one of 7000 people with a ticket to the Order of the Garter Procession.  All photos are mine.  You cannot share, copy, store electronically, post on blogs or anywhere else without my permission.

early crowd gathering

my £5.00 blanket from Primark

Windsor Castle shop open

Former PM John Major

Duke of Westminster on the right 

The duke of Kent and Princess Alexandra

Duke of Kent and Princess Alexandra

Princess Royal

Duke of York and Earl of Wessex

Duke of Cambridge, Prince of Wales, Duke of York

Bringing the carriages down

Paid for program on left.  The right one is the official one, snagged when I was talking with Richard Palmer and Victoria Murphy, and palace officers were handing them out to the press

So mad that I didn't get a good carriage photo of Queen and Duke of Edinburgh right in front of me

the pages

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Tracey Nelson said...

Thank you for sharing your pictures!! It must have been amazing to see the procession up close.