Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lord Lascelles captured

June 26, 1944

Berlin radio reported tonight that Viscount Lascelles, 21 year-old nephew of King George VI, "has been captured on the Italian front," according to the New York Times.

Shortly before the German announcement,  Harewood House released an official statement: "Lord Harewood has had official intimation that Lieutenant Viscount Lascelles is reported wounded and missing and is believed to be a prisoner of war."

Lord Lascelles is the elder of two sons of the 6th Earl of Harewood and Princess Mary, sister of King George.  He is the heir to the earldom.

Lord Lascelles joined the Grenadier Guards two years ago "as a private."

A dispatch from Toronto from the Canadian Broadcasting Company in Italy said that "Viscount Lascelles was wounded near a town that was later captured by the British Eighth Army."

He could not be moved immediately due to his condition, "except by jeep."  One of his comrades "volunteered to get one." When he came back, "Viscount Lascelles and his men were missing."

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