Friday, June 27, 2014

Hope for an heir in Holland

June 27, 1904

The Marquise de Fontenoy reports today on the "official announcement" that Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands "has hopes once more of presenting to the nation an heir to the throne."

The Dutch remain fearful that the Crown of Netherlands will pass to a German prince or princess, which would mean that the country would "for all intents and purposes" become a part of the German empire.

There has been a "good deal of anxiety" about the Dutch queen.  She has been in "frail health" ever since her "premature confinement two years ago."  Her appearance has become "so wan and unhappy looking" that it has become difficult to recognize the once "healthy, hearty, sunny faced girl of three years ago."

Wilhelmina appears to have "lost all the bloom of youth," and looks at least ten to fifteen years older "than her actual age."

Queen Wilhelmina is one of four women "occupying thrones" who expect to birth during the summer.  In ease case, "dynastic considerations are at stake."  The three other royal women are the Empress of Russia, the Queen of Italy, and the Crown Princess of Luxembourg, whose husband serves as regent for his father, the Grand Duke.

The Crown Princess is already the mother of six daughters, and is expected to give birth to a seventh child this summer. Failing the birth of a son, the eldest daughter, Marie Adelaide, 10, will be the heir.

A male heir is essential for Empress Alexandra and Queen Elena.  If they do not give birth to sons, their husbands' thrones will eventually pass to "kinsman, who are not in sympathy with their ideas, political and administrative."


emily said...

Did Maria Ana lose a child rather late in a pregnancy, or was a seventh pregnancy incorrectly reported? To my knowledge, she was not pregnant after Princess Sophie's birth in 1902.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

I thought this interesting too. Perhaps there were other reports that she was again expecting. But the reports could have been incorrect