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The marriage of Princess Florence von Preussen and the Hon. James Tollemache

Princess Florence von Preussen, second daughter of Prince Nicholas of Prussia and his former wife, Victoria, married the Hon. James Tollemache, younger son of Lord and Lady Tollemache, on May 10 at the Church of St. Michael and All Angels in East Coker, near Yeovil, Somerset.

It was very much a society wedding, rather than a royal wedding.  Before going any further, I want to offer a VERY HUGE THANK YOU to British photographer, Jesal Parshotam, who has allowed me to use his photos.  I am thrilled to bits.   All the photos belong to Jesal Parshotam.  It would be very bad to take any of the photos from my blog and post them somewhere else.  These are Jesal's photos: period. 

I was surprised that several of Prince Nicholas' family were not present for the wedding unless I missed them in the photos.   Prince Nicholas' sister, Antonia, is married to the Marquess of Douro, heir to the Duke of Wellington.  Their eldest son, the Earl of Mornington, is married to Jemma Kidd.  

Prince Nicholas is the eldest son of the late Prince Friedrich Georg of Prussia, fourth son of the late Crown Prince Wilhelm and Crown Princess Cecilie of Prussia.  Prince Friedrich Georg was a student at Cambridge when the second world war broke out.  He was arrested, and sent to an internment camp in Canada.     He was a British prisoner of war, and remained in the United Kingdom, becoming a British national in 1947 (under the terms of the Sophia Naturalisation Act).  He married Lady Brigid Guiness, daughter of the 2nd Earl of Iveagh in 1945.   Lady Brigid's sister, Lady Honor, was married to Chips Channon. 

Princess Florence's tiara was also worn by her mother, the Hon. Victoria Mancroft, when she married Prince Nicholas in 1980.  The tiara originally belonged to Lady Brigid Guinness.

If any of my readers can identify some of the people, please post in the comments.  One of Prince Nicholas' first cousins told me this evening that none of his siblings are in these photos. 

All photos have the credit @ Jesal / Tanna.  All the photos.

Lady Tollemache and Iain Russell

Hon. Alice Beaumont & her fiancé, Richard Maxey

Left & center  the Earl & Countess Alexander of Tunis

The Hon Flora Hesketh in dark blue Lady in purple:  Viscountess Astor, and the main next to Lady Astro is the Hon. Edward Sackville

Olivia Hunt and Arabella Musgrave

Olivia Hunt and Arabella Musgrave

Richard Dennen and Astrid Harbord

Catherine (Katie) Elliot, Ben & Mary-Clare Elliot

Victoria Princess of Preussen and Prince Frederick

The Hon. Mr. and Mrs. James Tollemache

The newly married Hon. James Tollemache and Princess Florence

A flower arch at the church of St. Michael and All Angels

the adorable pages and flower girls

this car has been used in Prince Nicholas' family photos for some years.

Hon. Selina Hopkins with her daughter, Lily.  Selina is the groom's sister

Alex Spencer-Churchill & Hon. Sophia Hesketh

Amanda Ferry, Fritz von Westenholz and his wife, Caroline Sieber

An actress named Scarlett Johanssen and her fiance

Ben Goldsmith and Jemima Jones

Olivia Hunt

Iain Russell

Holding umbrella: Earl of Pembroke

Christabel Lawson-Johnson,  Vanessa Beaumont

Caroline Sieber and Amanda Ferry

Elizabeth and Katherine Acland

Lady Eloise Waymouth

Ben Goldsmith

Princess Florence with her father, Prince Nicholas

all photos @ Jesal / Tanna



Unknown said...

8th photo down from top shows the Duchess of Cornwall's niece Katie Elliot (wearing same coat she wore to her uncle's funeral), nephew Ben Elliot and am pretty sure Ben's wife Mary-Clare.

Unknown said...

Pics 22 and 40 are definitely Ben Goldsmith but unknown woman. She looks more like his brother's ex-wife than his own ex-wife though...

phoebes in santa fe said...

The wedding dress looked rather ill-fitted. Just a comment...

The Blessed Virgin said...

19th Photo is Mr Alex Spencer Churchill, the nephew of the Duke of Marlbourgh.

Jacobus Dee said...

Ben Goldsmith's "unknown woman" is his newish squeeze, Jemima Jones.

Dennis said...

Scarlett Johansson's fiance is Romain Dauriac.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

thanks Dennis. am well aware of that because the papers were full of photos of Scarlett and fiancé .. that photo does not need to be identified.

Dennis said...

Well, you did ask for IDs, you didn't specify which.

BTW, "Alex Spencer-Churchchill" is a great nickname, and he definitely should adopt it, but I think you want "Alex Spencer-Churchill" in the caption.

Unknown said...

Let me contribute :-)
From the top:
4th - the hon. Flora Hesketh (in dark blue), and behind her on the left is the hon. Edward Sackville
7th - Astrid Harbord (in grey)
19th - Alex SC is with the hon. Sophia Hesketh
20th - Amanda Ferry (in bright pink), Fritz von Westenholz & his wife Caroline (nee Sieber, in pink & white Chanel)
23rd - Olivia Hunt
30th - Caroline von Westenholz (nee Sieber) and Amanda Ferry (again)
38/9th - Lady Eloise Waymouth (nee Anson) in white blazer

Unknown said...

Some more IDs:
1st - Lady Tollemache (mother of the groom) with Iain Russell
2nd - the hon. Alice Beaumont and her fiance Richard Maxey
3rd - left & center the Earl & Countess Alexander of Tunis
4th - addition: the lady behind (in purple) is the Viscountess Astor
7th - addition: Astrid Harbord is with Richard Dennen
18th - the hon. Selina Hopkins (nee Tollemache, sister of the groom) with daughter Lily
27th - again Iain Russell with someone
28th - the guy holding an umbrella is the 18th Earl of Pembroke
29th - L-R Christabel Lawson-Johnston (nee Brudenell-Bruce, sister of Florence BB), Vanessa Beaumont & unknown
31st - Elizabeth & Katherine Acland

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

thanks everyone for your contributions ...

Unknown1234 said...

25th photo - man with glasses and blue tie is Buckingham Palace curator Wolf Burchard