Thursday, May 29, 2014

President Roosevelt goes to church with Louis Ferdinand and Kira

May 29, 1938

President and Mrs. Roosevelt "went to church today" with Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia and his new bride, Princess Kira, reports United Press.

Prince Louis Ferdinand, a grandson of the former Kaiser Wilhelm II, and Princess Kira, are "week-end guests" of the President at his Hyde Park estate

They sat in the Roosevelt Pew at St. James' Episcopal Church, where the presiding minister, the Rev. Frank R  Wilson pray at the "pre-Memorial Day services" for the soldiers and sailors who died in "America's wars."

The President's mother and other family members were also present for the church service.

Prince and Princess Louis Ferdinand arrived in the USA from Europe last week, on a "round-the-world honeymoon trip."

After church, President Roosevelt and his guests returned to Hyde Park for lunch.

The President will remain at Hyde Park until tomorrow evening, when he will board a special train for Washington.

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Kung said...

FDR was wonderful - such a gentleman.