Friday, May 9, 2014

Nicholas II to visit London

May 2, 1914

A member of the Downing Street staff has "let slip" that Russian Emperor Nicholas II will be visiting London in August as a "fitting conclusion to the visits being exchanged" among the heads of the Triple Entente nations.

Last June, French President Poncairé visited England, and just last month, King George V and Queen Mary went to Paris.

President Poncairé will be traveling to St. Petersburg in June to visit Nicholas II, who will return the visit at the "end of July" and then will travel on to London.

It has been eighteen years since Nicholas' last visit to England, although he was in English waters in 1909 when the imperial yacht Standart was escorted into the Solent "by the three largest British cruisers."

Nicholas and Alexandra joined the King on board the Victoria and Albert.   The Emperor's five children "still have the happiest memories" of playing on the beach "free from the cares" in their native Russia.   They remained for three days.

In 1894 and in 1896,  Nicholas stayed with Queen Victoria at Windsor and Balmoral.  It was at Walton where the then Tsarevitch wooed Princess Alix of Hesse and By Rhine.

The young princess was a great favorite of her grandmother, Queen Victoria, and was never "happier than when she was at Balmoral."

Today, the lives of the imperial family have been "clouded by the constant dread of assassination," which certainly has affected the health of the Empress.

It is not known if Emperor will be accompanied by his wife and children.

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