Monday, May 5, 2014

Nicholas, Alexandra, daughter transferred to Ekaterinburg

A Soviet artist captures the arrival
May 5, 1918

The Associated Press is reporting from Moscow that former Emperor Nicholas II, his wife, Alexandra, and one of their daughters, "has been transferred from Tobolsk to Ekaterinburg, according to a Soviet announcement.

Ekaterinburg is about 170 southeast of Perm "on the Asiatic side of the Ural mountains."

The "transfer was ordered" due to "alleged efforts of peasants and monarchists" in the Tobolsk area who were promoting the escape of the prisoners.

The announcement did not mention the former heir apparent, "young Alexis Romanoff."

Last month, Scandinavia sources were reporting that there had been "serious rioting in Petrograd," and that Alexis had been proclaimed as Emperor with Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich as Regent.  Michael is Nicholas II's younger brother.

However, there are no reports coming out of Russia to "confirm" the Scandinavian dispatches, and the British House of Commons has stated that the Foreign Office has not received an "official confirmation of the report of a counter-revolution in Petrograd."

Some have ascribed these reports as "German inspiration." 

Former Grand Duke Alexis' whereabouts have not been indicated in any of the reports.

The former emperor and his family have been held as prisoners at Tobolsk in Western Siberia, since August 1917.

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