Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dowager Empress Marie said to be in Kiev

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 May 13, 1918

Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna and Grand Dukes Nicholas Nicolaivitch and Alexander Mikhailovich are now in the hands of the Germans, according to the Ukrainian press bureau from Odessa.

They had been living at Dullber near Ai-Todor in the Crimea.  The Dowager Empress is now in Kiev according to "special dispatches" from Moscow.  Grand Duke Dimitri Pavlovitch is also said to be in Kiev, where he has taken a "prominent part in the coup d'état," overthrowing the Ukrainian dictatorship.

A soviet government dispatch to the Times confirms that the former emperor Nicholas Romanoff with his wife and one of their daughters was removed to Ekaterinburg "as the result of a peasant conspiracy to assist in his escape from captivity."

The former heir apparent, Alexis Romanoff, remains at Tobolsk due to "ill health."

The former emperor is now "confined to a small house" with few attendants.  No "strangers are allowed to approach him."  He has complained that the guards are "rude and meddlesome."

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