Thursday, May 8, 2014

Canadian legislator opposed to duke of Teck

May 8, 1914

The New York Times reports today that there was "much excitement" in Canada's House of Commons when the Hon. H. R. Emmerson, Minister of the Railways and Canals in the "late Liberal Administration," who referred to the announcement that Prince Alexander of Teck, brother of Queen Mary, has been appointed as the new Governor General of Canada.

Emmerson, the former premier of New Brunswick, said he "hoped the report was not true."  

In the lobby of the House of Commons, he told the New York Times: "My objection to royalty, and foreign royalty, being brought to Canada.  We have gone the limit with the Duke of Connaught. If necessary,  I would be prepared  to move a condemnatory resolution."

Emmerson's statement has become the "chief topic" in Ottawa.  The New York Times has tried to ascertain the views of the "rank and file of the Members of Parliament.  A number of MPs have been interviews, and some share "sympathy" with Mr. Emmerson's views. Others have hesitated to be "quoted" as being opposed to Prince Alexander's appointment.

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