Thursday, May 8, 2014

Archduke Felix charged with fleeing Austria with Silver

May 8, 1938

German authorities have "issued a warrant for arrest" of Archduke Felix of Austria,  reports the Associated Press.

The 20-year-old archduke is a younger brother of Archduke Otto, head of the "non-existent Austrian throne."
May 8, 1938

Archduke Felix has been charged with theft of $900 "worth of silverware and linen," which prosecutors claim he stole when he was a cadet at the military academy at Weiner Neustadt.  He allegedly fled Austria on March 11 with the items.

He is said to be staying with his mother, former Empress Zita, and Archduke Otto in Belgium   Another warrant was recently issed for the arrest of Archduke Otto on a "charge of high treason."

The silverware is described as State property, which had been lent to the academy by the Imperial Palace depository for Archduke Felix's "temporary use."

After the fall of the empire,  Habsburg treasurers were "taken over by the State,"  but members of the family were allowed to use the items, as their "legal status" remains undetermined.

One member of the former ruling family appears "satisfied" with the new regime.  Archduke Anton, who is married to Princess Ileana of Romania, sister of King Carol II,  was "busy gardening" at his home, Schloss Sonnberg, near Salzburg.

Princess Ileana spoke for her husband when she said: "We are entirely happy here.  Anton and I have been to Berlin lately, where we had a splendid time."

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